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Trump's Shameful Behavior


December 4, 2017

The Nov. 23 letter in The Transylvania Times by Ken Chepenik listed most of the absurd promises, demands and tweet insults that our so-called POTUS comes up with daily. Granted that they are indeed a shameful display by the highest office holder in the U.S. It is obvious, however, that all of his actions and words are exclusively aimed to please his base where he gets the cheers and applause that he needs as life support.

The majority of the population stays angry, astounded and bewildered — striving for a lasting solution to this historic threat to our constitutional democracy.

A portion of the conservative Congress are dyed in the wool partisans dependent on big donations. An “R” by a name is all they see — even if it’s a baboon seeking office.

Erich Fromm’s “Escape From Freedom” is a psychological study about how certain people are blindly attracted to authoritarian demagogues. The book explains in understandable language the needs of those people to feel secure and emotionally certain during the hard times of swiftly changing modern society.

There is also the element of bigotry in the rush of questionable power. It is a cheap, short-cut political game that enflames existing prejudices that easily offer counterfeit self-esteem. For their campaigns, there are many “fertile” areas, all created by gerrymandering. Our district II?

We all view the news each evening and after the latest about the stupid gropers, and pedophiles, we want to see progress in the investigation of our presidential White House Mafia! I know it will take a long time, but we want it to be thorough and absolutely air tight.

Helen McKinney



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