Use Reusable Shopping Bags


December 7, 2017

If you were brave enough to attend the rainy Halloween festival in downtown Brevard, you might have been the lucky recipient of a free reusable shopping. Ingles, PNC Bank, BI-LO and Food Lion generously donated many of their bags to be given out to the public for free to encourage shoppers to reduce the use of plastic bags. Since Americans are currently using 100 billion plastic bags a year and only recycling a small percentage, the rest either fill up our landfill or litter our roads.

It’s good to know that the people in Brevard are trying to stop using single use bags, and it is hoped that seeing them in circulation will inspire others to become part of the solution. Many thanks to Ingles, PNC Bank, BI-LO and Food Lion for donating the free reusable bags. (The committee distributed the remaining bags at various gatherings in Brevard and the rest were donated to SAFE. It is hoped that everyone will keep their reusable bags in the car as a foolproof way of remembering them on your next trip to the grocery store.)

Martha Lawlis



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