New At The Library: Legacy And Spirituality Are Foundations Of Joy


December 11, 2017

These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Edrich, Louise. “Future Home of the Living God.” The world is ending, killing itself by reversing evolution so that women are giving birth to babies that are primitive species. Cedar Hawk Songmaker decides that in light of the impending doom everyone is facing it is a good time to find her birth mother Mary Potts. Though Cedar is pregnant, she risks everything to find Mary even as the world falls apart around her. (FIC EDR)

Keener, Jessica Brilliant. “Strangers in Budapest.” Americans Annie and Will move to Budapest to start a new life after the fall of the Communist regime. Some friends back in the U.S. ask that they check in on an elderly man who lives close by. This man helped free Hungarian Jews from a Nazi prison camp, but Annie and Will learn this man is also searching for someone he believes killed his daughter. (FIC KEE)

McKibben, Bill. “Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance.” From an undisclosed location, Vern Barclay broadcasts an underground radio program to advocate for an independent Ver-mont. Barclay wants Vermont to secede from the U.S. and operate under a “free local economy.” Though Mc-Kibben’s story is fiction, it is based on a growing trend. (FIC MCK)

Sontag, Susan. “Debrief-ing: Collected Stories.” Best known for her essays on photography and its psychological effect on people, Susan Sontag also wrote in other formats. This collection of stories ranges from allegory to autobiography, yet the focus is still people and their reactions to uncomfortable things. Sontag’s writing generally requires time for readers to catch up to it and these stories are no different. (FIC SON)


Duernberger, Amelia. “Exploring the South-ern Appalachian Grassy Balds.” A Hiking Guide. In the Southern Appalachians of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, spots can be found near the mountain summits that are bald. No trees grow in these areas, baffling scientists and hikers for decades. On a clear spring day, it is easy to get a full 360 degree view from these bald sections. (796.51 DUE)

Moore, Thomas. “Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy.” Aging tends to surprise even the most optimistic. It brings pain, both physical and emotional; but, there is a way to age happily and be fulfilled. Psycho-therapist Thomas Moore focuses on legacy, spirituality and sensuality as the building blocks of true joy and gratitude as one ages into a mature and happy adult. (155.67 MOO)

Schwartz, Bobbie. “Garden Renovation: Transform Your Yard into the Garden of Your Dreams.” Bobbie Schwartz has been a garden designer for years. She can teach even the novice gardener how to start from scratch and create the perfect yard. Schwartz shows how to evaluate a yard, choose what to keep, and design a plan. Before-and-after pictures are included for motivation and suggestion. (635 SCH)

Weber, Thomas. “Becom-ing Hitler: The Making of a Nazi.” Once awkward and inept, Hitler transformed himself while living in Munich into a shrewd politician. It was in this German city Hitler decided he was the true Messiah of the country. His time spent in Munich turned Hitler into a man that had a devastating impact on Germany and the world. (B Hitler)


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