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Time To Stop Courthouse Relocation


December 11, 2017

It is beginning to sink in on some of us what the county commissioners, well intentioned leaders that they are, have just done to us in this action to move the courthouse and spend $31 million. I hope that at the very least we will raise these questions and try to put the brakes on this unfortunate action.

1.How will the new courthouse improve the quality of life for county residents?

2.How will this investment spur economic development and create jobs?

3.Who would consider a discretionary relocation to the county as a place to live because we have a new courthouse?

4.Who would consider moving business operations that would create significant new jobs in our county because of a new courthouse?

5.What other uses could we imagine for $31 million that we would rather see?

6.How could rank and file Republicans and Democrats finally come together on alternative actions for the greater public good?

7.How was this decision made without significant public hearings?

8.How did this action take place without more vociferous opposition from the downtown business community and the Brevard City Council?

9.Why are we spending this huge amount of money on a courthouse instead of our pathetically underfunded county public schools?

10.How did this county commission, which has historically opposed increased taxes, public indebtedness, and ambitious public spending projects, take this stunning about face?

I have lived in our community for 18 years and had the opportunity to observe many different conversations on how to improve the quality of life in our county: never have I heard the argument that a massive investment in a new and relocated courthouse would improve our quality of life.

It’s not too late. The train has not yet left the station. We still have time to come to our senses. Our local elected leaders are reasonable, fair, civic minded individuals who want to do what is best for our county. They meant well. They need to hear from us on this action.

John N. Gardner

Pisgah Forest


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