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Friends Play Key Role, So Ted Tawney Can Stay Home


December 14, 2017

Friends and their generosity are among the reasons that Ted Tawney can still live in his own home and not be forced to move into an assisted-living center and lose the independence he cherishes.

"I appreciate all the people who help me," said the 65-year-old Brevard resident, who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.

Tawney pays his own bills, such as his utilities and groceries, but he also must foot the cost for the needed paid caregivers who come to his home roughly 18 hours a week.

This costs about $1,300 a month, and that's where things get tricky for Tawney.

A few years ago, the public was asked for donations to help Tawney stay in his home, and those donations are still needed.

Other than the paid caregivers, Tawney is also aided in his home by friends, such as Peggy Lee and Susan Condon, who give their time freely.

"I do it for the fun of it," she Lee. "We've become good friends."

Tawney has always done what he can to bring in some extra money.

"He's very motivated and determined to do what he can do," Lee said.

In the mid-1990s, Tawney began a roughly 10-year career as a photographer, taking pictures of white squirrels, flowers and local landmarks.

He would turn his photos into postcards and magnets.

Some of his work can now be found on place mats that can be bought at Highland Books and Main Street Ltd.

Tawney also put together a book of daily chapter readings of "The Book of Proverbs." The book can be found at Highland Books and Country Creations.

Until June of 2014, Tawney lived in his home with his mother, Mildred, who turned 100 this past summer and now lives in The Oaks, a local assisted-living home.

The Tawney family moved to Brevard in 1964. Tawney's late father was a Brevard College professor who taught psychology.

Those who would like to help may send the donations to Erik Hansen, 9 W. Morgan St. in Brevard, or call him at 884-3546 or 883-7953.

Any checks should be made out to Tawney.


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