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An Angel At Ingles


December 18, 2017

God sent an angel to me the morning of Nov. 22. I was checking out my groceries at Brevard Ingles when I could not find my debit card. I was in a panic as that was the only way I could buy my Thanksgiving meal with that card.

I didn’t know what to do and told the manager I would run to my bank and get some money out. The man behind me offered to buy my groceries for me. I told him he did not have to do that and he said, “You can’t go without a Thanksgiving meal!”

He bought my groceries. I was very humbled by this kind act but I know God had a hand in it. He wants us to know he is in control and he sends his angels to show that.

During this busy time of year we need to remember the real reason for Christmas — not presents or food but that Jesus was sent to help redeem us from sin.

I don’t know who this person was. I never saw him again. But I know one thing — he was my angel and I truly believe angels are among us who are working God’s plans.

Thank you to the person who helped me out and allowed God to work his mysterious ways through him. I hope my angel has a blessed Christmas.

Jill Fowler



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