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The Good Heart Of Rosman


December 18, 2017

On Dec. 12, I had the opportunity to attend the Rosman Aldermen meeting. The meeting was marked because of the concerns regarding manufactured housing in Rosman. Two of Rosman’s most sincere and good-hearted people stood opposite one another on the issue. They had a debate and powerful debate.

One woman spoke with incredible passion about the struggles of poverty and the manufactured home in which a newcomer to the community was living. The woman’s faith was guiding her heart and her call for sympathy for her economically challenged newcomer was framed in her own memory of having grown up poor.

The man on the other side of the issue spoke articulately and made the case for having strong ordinances that not only would make the community look better but would also provide regulations to ensure that older manufactured homes met basic standards for safety. He argued that where they were located mattered, too. He wondered how Rosman would grow without rules about the care, placement and safety of manufactured homes. He argued that the tax base of Rosman could not grow with the low property taxes on homes that depreciate so rapidly. Without a tax base, he was concerned that Rosman would never achieve its potential.

I was struck by the fact that each of these people cared about the newcomer. They both sympathized with her poverty. They both wanted to do the right thing for her and for the community. These two, good people speak volumes about the good heart of Rosman. One had her heart in good works, the other in a good future. As I think he would point out, “when the tide comes in all boats rise equally.”

The problem that was being addressed left the Aldermen unable to offer a solution because, as the town attorney said, “The ordinance (that is in place) is unenforceable.”

Ordinances matter. When people and property owners know the rules, everyone benefits in the long run. Rosman, I know, will reach out to this newcomer.

To the residents of Rosman, get to your Aldermen’s meetings. You’ll be proud of your community when you leave, and you will have an opportunity to share your ideas for what you think matters.

Norm Bossert

Pisgah Forest


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