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Regulate Mountain Development


December 21, 2017

People are buying land here, closely followed by bulldozers to carve slices out of these mountains. They are obviously working from a flat map instead of reality. These mountains are all their own, and they may not behave the way the white man from the flat land and his bulldozers think they should. Recently, over-enthusiastic use of huge earthmovers nearly destroyed a major multi-million dollar intersection.

Before selling any more vulnerable mountain land to flat-landers, we need some geological engineering assessments to assure the safety of everyone’s lives and property, both uphill and down.

Mountains have their own ways, and most of their ways are to slide downhill, i.e. landslides, which is why they are so lush and curvy. They have been sliding downhill for millennia, and they aren’t going to stop at anybody’s house or property line.

We can all stay alive and in place if newcomers will only use geological engineering as a design criteria first, before bringing in the heavy equipment to destroy bird and trout habitat, bear hunting grounds, roadside scenery and our homes. Perhaps we need a law.

Elizabeth Reshower

Lake Toxaway


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