Retailers Report Good Local Support


January 1, 2018

If holiday sales are a measure of success, then “shop local” is more than just a bumper sticker for the county.

Across the county, businesses The Transylvania Times spoke with had better numbers than last year, which some shopkeepers attribute to their loyal customers.

Diane Motter, owner of Spice It To A Tea on Main Street in Brevard, has been in her location for almost five years, and each year her sales get a little bit better. Motter’s bestseller is her tea, of which she has more than 100 varieties.

“Business is up,” she said. “This is the best year so far. I’m very fortunate to have my local, loyal Brevard customers. If I didn’t, my stuff wouldn’t stay fresh; none of my teas stay on the shelf more than 30 days. Thank you, everyone, for another great year.”

Motter said she and her shop will take a break and be closed until Jan. 22.

Down Main Street at D.D. Bullwinkel’s, Allie Perkins said their first Christmas in their new location was super busy.

Clothing was their best seller, with brands such as Patagonia and Darn Tough socks selling particularly well.

“We’re grateful for all the local shoppers,” she said. “It seemed like many people were choosing to shop local this year.”

With so many musicians in Brevard, Eddie West at Area 22 guitars on King Street said he is settling into his new location nicely, and sales are up. West is happy to be part of the Lumberyard Arts District.

He moved from the Caldwell Street location, where he was for years, to King Street in August.

West sells guitars, amps, other instruments, and he sells those hard-to-find items that a boutique shop would be known for.

“We ship stuff out of state because a lot of the stuff we carry you can’t find at chain stores,” he said. “Some of the amps I carry are made by a crew of five guys. We are anti-corporate down here because the little guys always do a better job making their stuff.”

In the Western part of the county at Bear Tracks Trading Post, Pam Banther echoed the appreciation for those who shopped local this year.

Banther sells a wide variety of merchandise, such as mountain-themed gifts, art, clothes and other items. One half of the shop is dedicated to home décor and such, but the other half is full of fishing gear, and they sell guns and ammo, as well.

“It was a good year for us,” she said. “A lot of the local people shopped in the store, and we had some tourist traffic. Online sales definitely hurt us this year, though. Walmart and other box stores hurt us also.”


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