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Immigration Is Our Strength


January 15, 2018

I am a Jew, a Semite, the exact same race as the children of Ishmael. I have six grandchildren. One has a mother from Columbia; five have a mother born in Algeria; one of my sons has no children, but his wife is African-American. When we sit down at dinner together, we say our blessing in the traditions of our various faiths, Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

My mother’s family is a mix of Native American, German and Eastern European Jews who fled the pogroms in Russia seeking sanctuary in this nation. My husband’s family is a mix of German Jews from the Alsace-Lorraine region and Russian and Austrian Jews who arrived in this country in the aftermath of WWII. We are the product of third and fourth generation immigrants. Our sons married the children of immigrants. Our grandchildren are like most American citizens, delightfully unique and precious ingredients in the proverbial melting pot that is our nation. That is America’s greatest strength.

The racial hatred expressed by Donald Trump Thursday is simultaneously our greatest weakness and our most enduring shame. I hang my head, ashamed for all who do not have the courage to stand and condemn the words uttered in the White House Thursday.

Let all people of conscience and character stand and be counted. Do you have the courage to condemn the hateful words of your party’s leader?

Shelley Bossert



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