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Give President A Chance


February 1, 2018

I just feel so sad. The America we Baby Boomers have always known is going down the drain. We are used to so many freedoms and most of us are somewhat spoiled.

The earlier generations, Depression era and World War II, plus all military have fought, bled and died for our freedoms.

Yet we don’t respect leadership and now our president. How that man survives without being so depressed, I don’t know. Whether we voted for him or not, whether we like everything he does or not, etc., that’s beside the point. He is only a man and only human. You are supposed to stand behind those in authority, unless they are a murderer or something really bad. Can’t we please give him a chance?

Then everything is breaking down. We’re not supposed to smoke, but its OK to use marijuana and alcohol, even though pot destroys brain cells, especially in the youth.

We need to downsize government and follow our Constitution and laws our forefathers wrote out for us. If we don’t like our freedoms here in America, we are free to move to another country if we don’t like it here.

We all need to study our history, especially kids in school.

If we don’t honor America and follow her ways, I am afraid we are headed for government running every aspect of our lives. That makes me so sad.

Lois Fisher

Lake Toxaway


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