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President Has Accomplished A Great Deal


February 1, 2018

Let me see if I have this right now…

I keep reading comments in this paper that Trump is mentally ill and semi-illiterate; however, he is one that built a multi-billion dollar empire that spreads across about a quarter of the world, was able to beat 17 of the best and brightest and well financed Republican candidates and then turned around to beat the “most qualified woman of our time” for the presidency.

Then, in his first year in office, he enacts major revisions to lower our taxes, causes the stock market to climb to heights never seen before in history, lowers unemployment (particularly black unemployment that is now at a 17-year low), guides adding 2 million new jobs, talks major corporations into making new investments in the U.S., inspires corporation confidence to the point that they voluntarily increase employee hourly wages and give bonuses, has almost wiped out ISIS and is making major progress restoring law and order. And then he donates his salary as president to charity, principally toward the maintenance of our veteran cemeteries.

This is all while working with a hostile Congress and a media aided by left over “civil servants” in the DOJ and FBI that are attacking him 24/7.

Wow! I would love to see what the man could accomplish if he was sane and literate.

Dick Thompson



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