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Last updated 2/12/2018 at 1:27pm

Why do I have to maneuver through dangerous potholes and other unsafe road conditions in our county and city? Inadequate taxation.

Why are our schools so far behind — two generations — where they should be in both upkeep and in modernization to an age that did not exist when they were built about 50 years ago. Inadequate taxation.

Why do we possess the finest library to be seen in Western North Carolina, an institution where our residents of all classes can find books, DVDs, digital aids, meeting rooms and a skilled professional staff to nurture intellectual, social and political discussion and contemplation? An act of generous taxation along with private contributions. Where would this community be without its library?

The problem is that because of constant political demagoguery most citizens do not understand that paying taxes, despite the sacrifice involved, is the wonderful act of people coming together to do great things for their community that could not be accomplished by individuals, or even charities, alone. Every time we vote for a bond issue or an increase in road or service taxes we are affirming that we are a caring community willing to go beyond ourselves for our good and the good of our neighbors.

If only we could stop the selfish rhetoric that all too often prevents our community from moving forward.

If only.

Howard Rock



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