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Excluding Independents


February 19, 2018

It is distressing that, thanks to former Representative Chris Whitmire, we have now politicized our Board of Education by making candidates swear party fealty.

Anyone who wants to work for the best education possible for our kids must now tote her or his party line. Requiring candidates to declare a political party affiliation results in driving them to the extremes of their party in order to satisfy their most vocal critics. If their party wants children to be taught that the earth is flat, then so be it.

The damage done to our society’s need for citizens who know how to think is insidious, pervasive and apparent on many fronts, including a community’s most basic function, and right, to raise and educate its children.

And, since the majority of registered voters are Independents, I wonder how many wonderful candidates we are losing by making someone declare if they are Republican or Democrat.

Nina Shippen



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