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Not A Trump Supporter


February 19, 2018

Everything this failed president has touched is a failure. Everything!

He’s not even been able to fill the vacancies in the White House, much less the vacancies in the rest of the bureaucracy. He has tried to fill critical positions with wife beaters, conflicts of interest people, and applicants who could not qualify under the federal government’s present stringent standards.

Trump’s solution to this problem? Change the standards or just “make do” with candidates who do not measure up to the present standards. And not only are positions being filled by sub-standard candidates, he can’t even find candidates that are sub-standard that are willing to stay. Instead of “draining the swamp” he’s searching for more reptiles to replace the ones he is losing that don’t even have to measure-up to old standards. In other words, “He’s up the swamp without a paddle” or a clue!

Every time I hear President Donald J. Trump say, “Believe Me.” I know he is about to lie to me.

I shudder at every utterance out of this liar’s mouth. He’s a racist, tax dodger and serial molester of women. He’s cheated the government out of millions of dollars in taxes, failed to disclose his tax returns, and has recently paid a porn star $130,000 in hush money to seal her lips about their relationship. Meanwhile, our North Carolina Republican politicians fiddle while the Mueller investigation marches on, investigating the dealings the Trump administration had with the Russians continues.

And now, after the biggest single day drop in the stock market in recent history, this “man-child president” wants Congress to approve money to honor his “accomplishments” with a parade. A big parade, with rockets and tanks and guns and stuff that go “boom” in the night.

Lackey Rowe



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