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Council Awards Officers


February 26, 2018

During its regular meeting last week, Brevard City Council recognized several law enforcement officials for “lifesaving” and “valor.”

Cindy Hyder was awarded the Lifesaving Award by the Brevard Police Department (BPD). Hyder was a BPD tele-communicator in 2015 when she received a call from a man who identified himself as “Dan.”

According to the certificate, as written by BPD Police Chief Phil Harris, Dan was calling from an Illinois number and had “randomly” called the BPD while “in a state of near unconsciousness” from blood loss.

Stranded somewhere in the city of Bourbonnais, Ill., Dan said that he needed an ambulance.

With the help of then Communications Supervisor Debbie McCrary and Ina Whitmire, Hyder was able to locate Dan and contact the Bourbonnais Police Department.

“Without Cindy’s determination to assist the caller, Dan would not have survived,” Harris said.

BPD Detective Aaron Thompson was also awarded the Lifesaving Award for his 2014 investigation into a case of domestic violence that led to an arrest.

The victim had shown up to work with severe injuries but would not admit to being a victim of domestic violence, according to the certificate.

“Detective Sgt. Thompson gathered as much evidence as he could and passed on the details to investigators in both the Department of Social Services and law enforcement in that county and also insisted on a welfare check, even though there was no reason to dictate his feeling of urgency,” Harris said. “Law enforcement responders interrupted what appeared to be the most severe attack yet by this victim’s husband.”

The husband was arrested for attempted murder and is now serving a 16-year sentence.

Later, the victim expressed her gratitude to Thompson.

BPD Officer Chad Farmer, Sgt. Jason Page and Deputy Chief Shawn Miller were also awarded the Medal of Valor, which was presented by Mayor Jimmy Harris and Chief Harris for an incident that occurred in May of 2011.

According to the certificate, Farmer, Page and Miller responded to a disturbance call and found that the male creating the disturbance had several warrants.

When the officers tried to arrest the subject, two other suspects attacked them, and one threw a flammable liquid on all three officers and tried to catch them on fire.

“Sgt. Page and Deputy Chief Miller fought the fire while Farmer, at Miller’s direction, went to the rear of the apartment, opened the window and found smoke so thick and black that he could not see into the bedroom,” Harris said. “Officer Farmer called out to the occupants and helped both escape.”

Farmer, Page and Miller all suffered from chemical burns and smoke inhalation and required hospital treatment.

“Three people are alive today because of their heroism,” Harris said.

In other news at the meeting:

•City Council unanimously approved the voluntary annexation of property on Osborne Road that could see construction of several residential units.

The council approved the annexation of the property at 864 Osborne Road last week during its regular meeting.

Tore Borhaug, owner of Tore’s Home, which has multiple assisted living residences in Brevard, sought the annexation.

“The applicant has expressed an interest in building several residential dwelling units on the property,” said Aaron Bland, planner and assistant zoning administrator. “The property will be subdivided to create individual lots for these properties, and a new street will be built, approximately 480 feet in length, which will include sidewalks, planting strip, street trees and lights, which will all be dedicated to the city for maintenance.”

Bland said the annexation allows for the city to provide water and wastewater services using an already existing infrastructure.

The property is zoned general residential six, which allows for a maximum of 24 units.


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