Destination Hike: Connestee Falls


Last updated 3/19/2018 at 2:08pm

Sean Trapp

Connestee Falls in the autumn, as seen from the overlook platform.

This week's destination hike is Connestee Falls. Connestee Falls is one of the easiest waterfalls to get to in Transylvania County. Located just off U.S. 276, the falls are a short walk on a flat path to a fenced overlook on top of the first set of falls.

Carson Creek meets with the drainage from Ticoa Lake in the Connestee Falls development and creates the 85-foot cascade, which is now a county park, and enters a gorge as the water makes its way through Gwynn Valley camp.

According to local legend, an Englishman married a Cherokee "princess" named Connestee, and when he left to return to his own people in England she jumped off the falls to her own death in despair. However, there were no princesses in a matriarchal society, so historians have proved this account false again and again.

A path used to exist to the bottom of the falls, but it has been fenced off, and local officials strongly discourage anyone from trespassing beyond the fence. Ever year people die while visiting our waterfalls. Stay on the path and enjoy the waterfall safely.

Getting There

Take U.S. 276 south from downtown Brevard, Connestee Falls Park is located exactly 8.5 miles on the right from town before the Connestee Falls development.


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