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Brevard High School Musicians Compete For District Honors


April 2, 2018

Courtesy photo

Brevard High musicians prepare for their concert in the Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center during the Western Region District Band clinic at Western Carolina University.

The following musicians represented Brevard High School during the All-District Band Clinic at Western Carolina University on Feb. 9 and 10.

Those with an asterisk (*) also qualified to audition for All-State Band on March 2.

Western District High School Band (9th-10th grades): Anna de la Torre, 10th chair flute; Frank Parsons, 2nd chair* clarinet; Elise Poché, 4th chair* clarinet; Clare Kennerly, 12th chair clarinet; Rebecca Milligan, 6th chair trumpet.

Western District Senior High School Band (11th-12th grades): Madison Allen, 1st chair* alto sax; Sara Megown, 6th chair* clarinet; Asher de la Torre, 2nd chair* tenor sax; Aaron Flynn, 1st chair* baritone sax; John Nguyen, 1st chair* bass clarinet.

Of seven who auditioned, three BHS earned seats in the All-State Honors Band: Sara Megown, 3rd chair clarinet, John Nguyen, 3rd chair bass clarinet, and Elise Poché, 15th chair clarinet. They are invited to UNC Chapel Hill for the All-State Clinic on May 4-6.


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