BA Students To Build Paludarium


April 2, 2018

Courtesy photo

Science teacher Alexander Gaye and members of the Science Club raise money for the paludarium.

The Brevard Academy Science Club will be designing and building a special type of fish tank called a paludarium.

Where the traditional aquarium is filled with water and fish, a paludarium is a tank ecosystem where part of the tank is strictly for aquatic life (plants and animals) and a portion of it is solid land for either a reptile or amphibian.

The Science Club is composed of six fifth grade students and they meet every Tuesday to discuss science related topics and to create artifacts that showcase scientific principles.

With the paludarium project, students created multiple blueprints for the design of the tank itself, taking into account water temperature and pH and fauna and flora. This tank will not only serve as a home for multiple species of fish and amphibians, but also will be adorned with live plants and mosses.

Over a period of five weeks, Science Club members researched species of fish, frogs, aquatic and terrestrial plants, and materials that were safe to use with plants and animals.

The goal of this project is to create an enclosed environment to be shared with the rest of the school in the form of a traveling exhibit. Science Club members will construct a paludarium as a team as the first part of the project. Part two will consist of further research and the creation of graphics in order to have background material that will accompany this mobile tank as the very first Brevard Academy live traveling exhibit.


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