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Tips For Finding Out What The Fish Are Eating


Last updated 4/9/2018 at 4:20pm

Having a good mix of lures and flies for each season is just smart fishing. Shops like Davidson River Outfitters can help you mix and match for the changing season.

Through the years I have been amazed at how often I arrive to the stream to find fish actively feeding only to struggle to catch a fish. We have all been there fishing away to rising fish which show no interest in what we are throwing regardless of how many times we change flies, or tippet.

They just keep feeding away, as if they were silently trying to drive you mad. Here are some simple tips that I have used over the years to figure out what the fish were feeding on.

•If fish are feeding under or around the trees only after the wind blows, then the fish are feeding on ants or inchwor...

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