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Time To Restrict Bicyclists


April 16, 2018

On an almost daily basis, I witness the good people of Transylvania County and forced to make evasive maneuvers to avoid a road bicyclist out for a leisurely ride while locals are attempting to get children to school and themselves to their places of business. What was once a minor annoyance has now become a safety hazard in my opinion.

Unfortunately, bicycle tourism has come less of a welcome situation and more of a tolerated circumstance for all but a select few. It has in many ways overwhelmed the infrastructure of this humble community that we call home.

It is past time to begin the conversation around restrictions to road Biking just as there are restrictions to when and where one can hike, bike or fish in our public spaces. Examples could include limitations on times of day, restricting access to roads that are unsafe for bike recreation altogether, and perhaps permits that would hope to assist in maintenance of public roads.

I would like to suggest a committee made up of local interested parties be considered, such as the Transylvania Cooperative for Responsible Bicycling to ensure that, once again, native voices are brought to the center of the discussion.

If interested in further discussing this idea, locals can reach out to me personally at Such small benefits should not come at such a high cost to our locals’ safety and sanity.

Shawn D. Hamilton

Little River


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