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Important Primaries


April 19, 2018

For each election cycle, The Transylvania Times allows local and state candidates a press release announcing their candidacy, their qualifications, their reasons for seeking office, their positions on certain issues, etc. On the first day of one-stop voting, we also publish a brief biography of the candidates, as well as their responses to questions posed by the Times’ staff. Those biographies and questions and answers can be found in the B section of today’s paper.

Repeated attempts were made by phone and/or email to contact all candidates in all of the races in which there are two or more contestants. All candidates in the Republican primaries for District Attorney and Clerk of Courts responded. Two of the three candidates in the Republican primary for Board of Commissioners responded, as did two of the three candidates in the Democratic primary for U.S. Congress. One candidate in the Republican primary for U.S. Congress responded.

We hope the information contained in today’s paper will help inform readers about the candidates, for these primary races are particularly important this year. Since there are no Democrats running for District Attorney, Board of Commissioners or Clerk of Courts, whoever wins the Republican primary will, in essence, be the persons to hold those offices for the next four years.

In November, there could be write-in candidates or a candidate could file a petition with enough signatures to be placed on the ballot as an Unaffiliated candidate. But write-in candidates are rarely successful, and if they are, it is usually in municipal elections. And Unaffiliated candidates have the difficult task of obtaining enough signatures to be placed on the ballot.

There could be upsets in November, but the reality is that whoever is elected in three of these primary races will be taking the oath of office later this year.


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