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Trump And Comey


April 23, 2018

James Comey, fired FBI director, appears on the national stage in a dark suit of sanctimony. His book, “A Higher Loyalty,” is an act of political courage and personal revenge. He makes a powerful case that Donald Trump is morally unfit to be president.

Unfortunately, he has been sucker-punched by Trump and has jumped into the gutter of name-calling and fisticuffs with Trump; and he oddly recommends that we wait until 2020 to allow the voters to punish Trump — the same kind of bad judgment Comey showed in disclosing 11 days before the 2016 election that he had more of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, when there was no time for a proper appraisal of those messages. Comey does not fully own his role in probably throwing the election to Trump.

I believe that Donald Trump is not only morally repugnant, but very dangerous to this country.

He approaches every issue with a kind of free-floating hostility that polarizes the people he is addressing. Impatient, irritable and deeply indecisive, Trump attacks others, defends himself and switches positions repeatedly, keeping others off balance and himself in the center of attention. He can’t stand being disagreed with; and he winds up firing anyone who does so forcefully, even those who are trying to help him. When cornered by evidence against him, he lies reflexively and repeatedly. He calls others derisive names and does not take responsibility for his own acts. He does not seem to understand the consequences of his actions, such as threatening nuclear war or disrupting long-standing international treaties. He does not accept reasonable limits or our laws or conventions.

He does not seem to understand or respect the needs of others, especially the experiences of women or those who are oppressed or vulnerable.

He is a rogue elephant, panicked, enraged and out of control.

The founders of our nation anticipated Donald Trump, and they provided for him. They called this process “Articles of Impeachment.”

Gus Napier

Cedar Mountain


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