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Hawking Personified Perseverance


April 30, 2018

I read with a mixture of joy and sorrow of the passing of the remarkable cosmologist Stephen Hawking. His obituary appeared in a news magazine The Week, on March 30.

Hawking’s achievements were legendary: University degrees, published books, televised performances — all done despite a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease and, at the age of 21, a prognosis of two years to live.

What truly strikes me about Hawking’s life is his perseverance in the face of obstacles. Folks who interviewed him close to the time of his death said that Hawking was unafraid, “having grappled with the mysteries of the cosmos.”

I think there is a message here for readers who suffer debilitating illnesses. We all live with something, and Hawking teaches us all that disabilities can be overcome. Hawking gave speeches around the world from a wheelchair and through a voice synthesizer.

What do we live with?

Janet Benway



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