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Strickler Is Good Choice


May 14, 2018

I recently read in the May 10 edition of The Transylvania Times that Scott Strickler has been chosen as the new principal of Rosman Middle School. I cannot overstate how happy I am with this decision. Strickler is the finest example of a caring, engaged and effective educator.

I first met Strickler about 10 years ago in his social studies class at RMS. Many would agree that middle school is a terribly awkward time, as children start turning into young adults and making all the social faux-pas that accompany such a transformation. In middle school, we’re testing the waters and mostly floundering. I was no exception, and, in fact, I probably exemplified the archetype of the awkward middle-schooler. I can remember with immense fondness how Strickler’s guidance and advice helped steer me in the direction of becoming a better person. When I made mistakes, he was there to correct me, and when I was doing well, he was there to encourage me. The lessons I learned with Strickler remained with me, as I imagine they always will.

Rosman Middle School is getting back a great individual, and I am very excited to see all that can be accomplished in the coming years.

Shaun Cammack

Lake Toxaway


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