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How Can One Have Pride In This President?


May 31, 2018

This letter is in response to recent letters in support of President Trump:

How can people take pride in a president who:

•Has had over 3,000 lies, misstatements and untruths during his first 466 days in office?

•Has never served in the military and disrespects those who have served like Sen. John McCain and the Kahn Gold Star family?

•Mocks those with disabilities?

•Refers to immigrants as animals and rapists when they are simply hoping find a better life?

•Makes a habit of bullying?

•Claims factual reporting is fake news?

•Has had 35 senior officials leave his administration, many of whom he personally and proudly selected?

•Not only interferes, but constantly criticizes, and tries to undermine, non-partisan investigations by the FBI and Department of Justice?

•Supports and applauds dictators having a history of corruption and human rights violations?

•Feels entitled to treat women as sex objects, having affairs with many women outside of his three marriages, and threatening them with lawsuits if they dare speak the truth?

•Retreats to his resorts and golf courses on the average of every 4.6 days?

•Who has as his goal ending health care coverage for millions of Americans insured under the Affordable Care Act?

•Promises to release his tax returns, as all presidents have done for the past 40 years, but then refuses, showing he has much to hide?

•Is the only one to back out of agreements forged by many leaders who came together worldwide to fight climate change and nuclear proliferation?

•Is lacking core family values that should be embraced - honesty, integrity, respect and decency?

Sally MacMillan



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