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While The World Looked East


Last updated 6/18/2018 at 2:34pm

While the world looked east to Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un, we may have expected theatrics, but instead we got smiles and handshakes. A signing of a document, short on details, followed by Trump’s fatuous reassurance that we could all sleep easily now — no more nuclear threat from North Korea. Meanwhile, their nuclear resources are intact and widely dispersed throughout the country. And Kim, a true killer of his opponents, grins.

While the world looked east, Trump had essentially walked out on a meeting with the G-7 economic powers, refusing to sign a carefully negotiated agreement, and over his shoulder tossing insulting tweets at Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. Adding insult to injury, Trump asked this group to include Russia in their midst — after they had expelled Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

Trump’s attack on the G-7 is synchronous with his verbal attacks on the European Union, which he is currently threatening with tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Such attacks on our allies are causing widespread alarm here that Trump is actively doing the bidding of Russia — that he is in effect a traitor to this country.

For the first time we are seeing arrests and legal attacks on the free press — not just verbal warnings. And we see Trump attacking and trying to defeat any candidate who opposes him — witness the recent primary loss of deeply conservative Republican Mark Sanford in South Carolina, who dared criticize Trump.

While some Republican voices like Bob Corker and Jeff Flake’s challenge Trump, most flatter and fawn. Trump recently summoned a group of Republicans to the White House and delivered a rambling and barely coherent speech — and got a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, what Corker calls “the Trump cult” bullies, peddles lies, and betrays our country.

Gus Napier

Cedar Mountain


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