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Where Are We Going In This Crazy Handbasket?


June 25, 2018

How much longer are those loose-cannon, fake preaching and political people going to use social and religious bigotry to promote themselves to high and mighty status?

The weaker, shallow, insecure, misinformed, fearful people have always been sure game for those short-cut opportunists who serve the worst possible ventures toward authoritarian government. By some terrible accident or by alien interference — or both, we now have a fake POTUS (President of the United States)! It is a very dangerous situation. A frenzied GOP Congress knows it to be precarious, but must, by all means, cling to those filthy, tattered POTUS coattails.

The letter in the May 31 issue of The Transylvania Times by Sally MacMillan precisely listed the reasons why Trump should not be president. However, we should consider that each listed Trump infamy, depravity and trashiness resounds as exciting and comforting to those misinformed, thoughtless folks who eagerly gather and allow the fake president to arouse them to fever pitch and anger amidst his ego rally fits — especially when President Obama’s legacy gets chewed by Trump.

Michael Pence is also a fake vice president. As a former talk radio hack, he was well versed and practiced in the pious condemnation of LGBT people, legal abortion, military women, same sex marriage, atheists and all other strident criticisms that social bigots cherish and spread. Pence was specifically chosen to be vice president as bait for fundamentalist evangelicals who still assume him to be a saint — even along with the hate feelings and unchristian beliefs.

I remain carefully hopeful that intelligent, intuitive, well informed American citizens are in a generous majority and will vote wisely in great numbers when that time comes.

Helen McKinney



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