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Trump's Style Is Dehumanizing


July 5, 2018

The writer of the June 28, 2018 letter entitled “Despicable” wondered why anyone would want to be associated with the radical left-wing after learning that Trump’s press secretary was asked privately to leave a restaurant, an apparently cringe worthy event for “decent folks.”

One has to wonder if these “decent folks’ cringed when witnessing scenes from Trump’s public rallies where protesters were punched while he shouted, “throw them out?” Or cringed when Trump made fun of a handicapped reporter on national TV? Did these “decent folks” cringe when a white supremacist called for vigilantes to gun down journalists? Or cringe when Trump chose to criminalize border crossings as a deterrent tool so small children would be separated from parents and warehoused?

These Trump-style acts are a thousand times more cringe-worthy, cruel, hateful and inhumane than Sarah Sanders being taken aside at a restaurant and asked privately to leave. I’ll forego being one of the “decent folks.” If being identified as one of those intolerant “left wing radicals” who think Trump-style cruelty is dehumanizing and evil, I’m all in.

Janet K. Getting

Pisgah Forest


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