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July 23, 2018

A synonym for futile is pointless. Why do some of us keep thinking that the Democrats will ever give the president any credit for anything? It is pointless to hold out hope. They won’t. It’s been obvious since his inauguration that their only mantra is resist at every turn. The only message is that they really don’t care if his policies are good for the country; they only cheer for his failure.

While I disagreed with many of Obama’s policies, I never wished for his failure. The Democrats know that every Trump success is another nail in their coffin, and they are not about to acknowledge any progress he makes.

The latest example was the Shumer statement that he would oppose any person Trump nominated for The Supreme Court. He made that statement before he even knew who the candidates were. If that doesn’t prove a totally close-minded position, I don’t know what does, but we are used to that.

I truly believe the Democrats are hurting their own party by such actions, but they will never relent. When an opponent keeps stabbing himself, you don’t stop him. You let the leader of the DNC say that socialism is the future of the party.

Charlie Brendle

Pisgah Forest


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