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Trump Has Done Much For America


July 26, 2018

The Opinion of the Readers page of the July 19 issue of The Transylvania Times included a letter titled “Saturday Night Was Magical” by Carter Heyward. Much of the letter had to do with the movie “The West Side Story,” musically backed by a music center orchestra. You will recall that the play is based on the story of two gangs, one American thug based and one Puerto Rican thug based. Heyward seems to have seen and heard a different musical than I saw since she seems to conclude in her letter that it was clearly the American guys who were the villains, even though it was an American that, in the end, was shot and killed by a Puerto Rican.

So naturally, in the midst of this whole thing, Heyward brings up Donald Trump and starts talking about white racism, misogyny and the vicious anti-immigrant attitudes and actions that diminish every one of us - to which I say pure baloney. It takes two to tango!

Trump has done more for this nation in 18 months than Obama did in eight years. It is very important to us that Trump stick around for six more years.

Then I decided to read and respond to a letter by Terry Brant, titled “Democracy Threatened.”

I changed my mind.

Don Stinchcomb



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