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What Is A Good Neighbor?


July 26, 2018

We are lifetime residents of Brevard and have worked all our lives to make enough money to build our secluded dream home on top of a mountain overlooking Pisgah National Forest. Now our home and peace of mind are being taken away by the City of Brevard.

The Brevard Police Chief approved work to begin on a shooting range right below our home at the cost of $50,000. When we spoke to him, all he could say was that he wants to be a good neighbor.

We have been to several real estate agents who tell us the same thing – this will ruin the value of our secluded home, not to mention the mental anguish of stray bullets since the direction they are shooting in is towards our property.

How can the City of Brevard feel that putting in a shooting range just below our home, destroying our property value and peace of mind, would ever constitute being a good neighbor? The chief of police said they would notify us the day before they were going to shoot and suggested we could leave our property. Is this a “good neighbor?”

During their training sessions, the city police force will be shooting from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. at night. Eight shooters at a time will shoot thousands of rounds per day. With thousands of rounds per day and all ability levels, mistakes will be made. All it takes is one misdirected shot, and our family could pay the price.

How is this being a good neighbor? No one would want this near their home, especially when there are alternatives that already exist. The local indoor shooting range has been offered as a viable option for the training. The indoor range currently meets all the county sheriff department training needs. Why can’t the City of Brevard use the same facility? According to the chief they want to be able to drive into the range.

The city had an outdoor range located in Pisgah Forest, and it was opened up to surrounding counties for their training as well. Will this new range continue to grow and disrupt our lives even more?

Our paradise has been turned into our biggest nightmare.

Sherwin Shook



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