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July 30, 2018

Why did they remove the scales at the Pisgah Forest solid waste convenience center?

Transylvania County Manager Jamie Laughter provided the following response: The county solid waste department is set up as an enterprise fund and is supposed to operate based on fees collected; however, this has been difficult to achieve at the county level due to the costs to operate in a way that meets state regulation and that allows for the customer service level our citizens expect.

Part of the increased cost to operate includes operating convenience centers throughout the county instead of just operating the main landfill site, which is not a practice in all counties. Transylvania County operates three sites in addition to the main landfill site to allow citizens more direct and convenient access to waste disposal. Pisgah Forest was the only site of the three convenience sites that weighed garbage instead of using the sticker program. This practice required that a paid staff member operate the scales leaving the other staff member the responsibility of assisting other customers and assuring that recycling is being sorted correctly. As customer counts have increased over the years this has put a strain on the staff member not operating the scales to meet all of the demands of the site. Most people believe that recycling results in additional revenue, but while the county accepts recycling for free, the county has to pay for recycling to be accepted. Stricter requirements for the amount of material in recycling that is not allowed means that staff must be more diligent in monitoring what goes into each bin or the county’s recycling can be rejected by the vendor or face higher fees from the vendor. The county has been evaluating how to best operate without having to raise fees beyond other counties in our region and without putting the burden of operations more on property tax. The realities of changing regulation and business landscapes when it comes to how our trash is handled means that staff proposed streamlining the Pisgah Forest convenience site to access bagged trash and recycling just like the other two convenience sites.

Is the Rite Aid store in Pisgah Forest closing?

According to Fiona Ortiz, a spokeswoman for Rite Aid, the Pisgah Forest location is slated to be closed. The pharmacy portion will close Aug. 20, and the rest of the store will close soon after a liquidation sale. Walgreens purchased 1,932 Rite Aid stores nationwide and three distribution centers for $4.4 billion. The company has already closed a number of Rite Aid stores in the state.


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