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Separating Children Was Trump's Policy


August 6, 2018

“It’s not President Trump’s policy,” was written in a letter of July 16 regarding immigration.

It’s always useful when stating an opinion to check one’s facts, lest one might be seen offering their own “fake news.” The letter stated the current policy of separating children from their parents is the same as Bush and Obama. Obama did deport thousands, but there was no “zero tolerance” policy that automatically separated all children from their parents who entered this country illegally, including nursing infants. That “zero tolerance” policy came from the Trump administration.

“It’s not the president’s policy” defers responsibility for a policy from the administration of President Trump to that of a prior president. That may be a clever attempt to distract attention, but this tactic does not serve the reading public very well. Children automatically separated from their parents under Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy were often transferred thousands of miles away, making re-unification with their parents a functional nightmare. DHS stated that 2,342 age 5 children and older were separated from their parents between May 5 and June 9. The parents of some of those children have been deported, leaving their children in a detention center somewhere in the United States.

No hatred is necessary in order to deplore the human suffering and lifetime of damage done to young children by separating them from their parents in a strange country with no capacity to communicate in the foreign language.

Bruce Cox



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