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Vietnam Veterans: Michael Kuhne: A View From The Tonkin Gulf


August 27, 2018

Camouflaged Sikorsky helo on fantail of USS Mahan.

Michael Kuhne served in Vietnam on a ship in the Gulf of Tonkin from January through September 1970. His story is a series of reflections on his service, rather than a chronological account of events, and covers the period from his training at the U.S. Naval Academy through his tour in Vietnam.

Reflections Of

Michael Kuhne, LT, USN

I must tell you this before I begin my story: I never had to sleep in the rain or in a swamp or in a fox hole; I never had to be on point going down a trail in the jungle; I never had to carry a bleeding buddy to a medivac helo; and I never had to look into the...

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