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Failing The 'One Person, One Vote' Test


September 3, 2018

J. Gerardi notes, in his letter to The Transylvania Times of Aug. 27, that had the votes of the voters of California, Illinois and New York not been counted, Donald Trump would have won the 2016 presidential election with both popular and Electoral College votes. Using the same sort of “logic,” one could have concluded that Hillary Clinton would have won the election, both in popular and Electoral College votes, had the votes of the voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia not been counted. In both instances, however, these votes were counted, and Trump did not win the popular vote (by 2.9 million votes) and did win the Electoral College votes and the office. The logic in both instances would be equally absurd and at variance with reality.

The issues that Gerardi avoids, and the issues that pervert the integrity of our democratic elections, are the archaic Electoral College and gerry-mandering. In the Electoral College vote, using California and Montana as exhibits, a single Electoral College vote in California requires 217,351 popular votes, while in Montana a single Electoral College vote requires only 161,703 votes. In short, a popular vote in Montana counts more than a popular vote in California by 34 percent. That fails the test of rationality and the one person – one vote “motto” of these grand United States.

More locally, very adept gerrymandering has resulted in our delegation to Congress having 10 Republican representatives and 3 Democratic representatives, while the voter registration records for N.C. for 2016 reveal 2.7 million Democrats, 2.1 million Republicans and 2.1 million unaffiliated voters. There are no competitive Congressional districts, according to http://www.projects., with 10 districts reliably Republican and three reliably Democratic. This would be inequitable even if all independents were Republican, in which case five representatives would be Democratic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our elected officials thought about the electorate instead of their own reelection?

Peter Mockridge



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