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U.S. Open Ladies Final


September 13, 2018

The young girl from a far away land outplayed the overwhelming favorite, Serena Williams, from the first point to the last in the ladies finals of the 2018 U.S. Tennis Open. The winner, only 20 years of age and in her first Grand Slam final, was shocked, confused and embarrassed by the poor sportsmanship of her opponent.

There was nothing confusing or complicated about what transpired. First, Serena’s coach was caught giving hand signals to her from the grandstand, which is a code violation. To his credit, he admitted it. Naturally, Serena proclaimed she was not a cheater, had taken no signals, etc. Really! The result was a warning by the chair referee.

Next, the smashing of her racket to pieces on the court during a game like a 10-year-old constituted the second code violation. This resulted in the loss of a point. Third, remaining undeterred, Serena spewed out insulting language, calling the referee a thief and other similar insults ad nauseam. The result of this third violation was the loss of a game.

Does Serena think that the rules do not apply to her? The referee should be commended, not condemned.

What type of message does this poor sportsmanship send to the countless aspiring tennis players? Serena needs to enter an anger management class and sit on the first row.

Lastly, the new champion deserves so much credit beyond her obvious tennis ability. How many 20-year-old young women could stare down all the drama in front of thousands of spectators and push forward to victory. I know one who could and did, Naomi Osaka.

Howard Dyer III



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