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Brevard Academy Board Hears About Instructional Support - Brevard NC


September 20, 2018

The Brevard Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy Board of Directors received a report on instructional support for teachers at the board meeting last Wednesday evening.

School director Ted Duncan reported that the instructional support team, which includes himself, Lisa Malaquin-Prey, Camy Sterling, Lori Luhrs, Kim Best and Crystal Holland had already performed 78 walk-throughs of classes. During a walk-through, which can last from five to 15 minutes, they have a checklist to see if teachers are following best teaching practices.

“We were doing it on day one,” said Duncan, who added that teachers then receive written feedback as to what was observed.

Malaquin-Prey, who works for TeamCFA as an instructional coach, said she had been on campus 18 days and had worked with 21 staff members on reaching goals.

She said she checks on whether or not teachers have “fidelity” to the Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) program and that teachers throughout the school are supposed to use the same vocabulary when instructing their students.

Malaquin-Prey said that in August teachers focused on classroom culture and are now focusing on behavior expectations.

She also spoke about the CKLA Assessment Tracker, a yearlong document to see how well students have progressed.

She said students are basically broken down into four groups: those who are on pace with or exceeding expectations, those who need guided reinforcement because they may be slightly behind in one or two areas, those who need explicit re-teaching of a few particular skills and those who need comprehensive re-teaching.

Students in the last two categories may be pulled out of a classroom for more individualized instruction.

“Comprehensive re-teaching means there’s a lot of gaps,” said Malaquin-Prey.

She said the assessment tracker is only being used in language arts presently, but it could be applied to mathematics in the future.

“I feel like we’ve come a long way,” said Malaquin-Prey.

Board Chair Adrienne Casteen said this approach allows the board and school to measure how students in each group are progressing.

Duncan said that each person on the instructional support team has defined roles, but they share data.

Other News

•Board Vice Chair Nick Iosue said every year the board attempts to underestimate the number of students enrolled and over-estimate expenses.

“That has a great effect on our budget,” said Iosue.

He said this year expenses could increase due to increases in supplemental pay, staff development, advertising, travel, buses and hiring for more positions.

According to a revised August 2018 budget report, the board projects to have total expenses of $3.99 million with a net surplus of $262,823.

•Duncan reported that school enrollment is 411 students. There was one staff resignation and one hiring since the last board meeting.

•A health fair at the school will include vision, hearing and dental screenings.

•Two sheriff’s officers will attend every sporting event at the school.

•The school will purchase two more buses to replace two older buses. Duncan said there are four morning bus routes and five afternoon bus routes.

•The PTO Fall Festival was canceled due to impending bad weather.

•All dates and times for all board committee meetings will be posted on the school’s website.


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