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September 20, 2018

Three letters in the Sept. 10 issue read like a script from a CNN group therapy session with their typical “sky is falling” talking points, correctly identified by one as “Trump-A-Phobia.”

The pro-USA silent majority was sick and tired of demonstrations against the USA, flag, anthem, military and law enforcement, so we elected pro-USA, pro-military and pro-LEO President Trump, and ever since then the Democrats have been throwing temper tantrums like soiled children whose parents said no or who didn’t get a prize.

One said he was “mad as hell and not going to take it any more” taken right from the movie. We successfully used that phrase when supporting and voting for President Trump because the then president and his followers had turned their backs on we, the people, and the Constitution while catering to lobbyists, special interest groups and whiners.

The Democrats lost the election due to many years of failed policies, including their position regarding children. In the quiet stillness of the night I hear hundreds of thousands of babies crying because each year their lives are prematurely terminated. The really sad thing is I don’t sense any sadness or remorse from those supporting the mutilated deaths of those babies.

Democrats oppose photo IDs before voting. Did the USAF officer refuse to show his military photo ID when entering a base or the O Club claiming he was being disenfranchised?

President Trump’s MAGA programs have been successful by getting government out of our way, out of our wallets and bringing jobs back to the USA.

Perhaps writing the letters was suggested by a therapist and if so I hope it makes them feel better, but the reality is they lost. We, the people, did win with the election of President Donald Trump.

Bill Page

Cedar Mountain


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