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Toxic Floods Could Have Been Avoided


September 27, 2018

The arrival of Hurricane Florence has been much in the news, but while the recovery efforts are underway, for many people the worst is yet to come. The extensive flooding of rivers in southeastern North Carolina has wreaked massive environmental damage to the water, soil and even the construction materials of people’s homes that will endanger their lives for years to come. Located in flood plains and near rivers, lagoons of hog waste and coal ash ponds have been breached, spewing millions of gallons of toxic substances and bacteria-laden materials into the flood waters which people will be trying to navigate as they return to their homes. People who incur the inevitable cuts and scrapes that come with cleaning out a house will be exposed to all this in the immediate aftermath, and the long-term effects of their polluted environment will be a burden to them and their communities in incalculable ways going forward.

It didn’t have to be this way, but when Republican lawmakers came into power in 2010, they began rolling back environmental regulations, making cuts to agency budgets that were concerned with environmental issues, and steadfastly refuting solid scientific evidence that climate change was already having significant effects — all in order to give priority to developers, factory farms and greed over the welfare of the people whose interests and common good they had sworn to protect.

Clearly, we need a change in Raleigh, and that’s why I urge you to support Sam Edney, whose family roots in this area go back centuries, and whose commitment to the welfare of the people in Western North Carolina extends far into the future. Sam is running to represent our 113th district in the North Carolina General Assembly — and we have never needed his experience, wisdom and compassion more than now!

Helen Voris



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