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A Good List Of Goals


October 18, 2018

In the Oct. 11 issue of The Transylvania Times, Carter Heyward asked for someone to tell why they were a Republican. At some risk because of the current volatile environment, I will venture a reply. Heyward listed results; I will look underneath at the machinery.

First a question: Why do many people risk their lives to cross the border into our country? For most, the answer is simple: money. Minimum pay scales here are several times what they could earn at home - if they could find a job. The U.S. is the most prosperous country in the world. Why?

One key is that, here, every individual has the freedom to succeed or fail in a business venture. If he succeeds, he is rewarded with profits and possibly status. Failures cost a lot, so there is a strong incentive to succeed. In countries where everything is run by the government, there are no such incentives.

So this is the tension. We need a government, but too much can be worse than none. Our Constitution is unique, as the only one ever to define limits on government (others just list functions). These limits include a list of mandated freedoms for the citizens. The basic functions of the government are defense, infrastructure, a legal system and a currency, but we may specify others, and this is where the problems are.

The question then becomes limits. At its simplest, Democrats want government to be more active in peoples’lives and Republicans want to emphasize individual responsibility (see 2 Thessalonians 3:10. Like Carter, I am a devout Christian). All such balances are naturally messy, and that is why we need the two parties working together but in tension. Either extreme, communism or anarchy, is totally unacceptable.

So I am a Republican because I emphasize individual freedom with minimal government and am willing to allow for some dropped balls along the way. But we both want people to have lives that are worth living. Her letter is a good list of goals for all of us.

Allan Roberts, Penrose


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