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ALEC: A Danger To America


October 22, 2018

ALEC – four letters that spell danger for the future of the United States.

ALEC is an acronym for the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization of corporations, the wealthy, legislators and others with power to wield. Their objective is to exchange democracy for an elite plutocracy. In other words, government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy; the people be damned.

If you think that ALEC is just another conspiracy theory, it is not. We are living with it right now.

Founded in 1973 by a group of conservatives, whose initial goal was to fight against the Environmental Protection Agency, and wage and price controls, its list of members, donors, supporters and reads like a Republican who’s who, past and present.

Described as a “corporate bill mill,” ALEC gives legislators “wish lists” created by “agents” within the organization. These bills are designed to benefit the bottom line of corporate America and to strip Americans of our rights. In other words, these bills serve to rewrite the laws that govern us.

ALEC hands these ready-made bills to their willing Republican servants in state legislatures like North Carolina’s “super majority,” who push them through in secret without benefit of genuine debate and public hearings. The ultimate goal of ALEC is to call for a Constitutional Convention to amend our Constitution to their benefit.

ALEC’s hit list:

Voters – ALEC introduced the Voter ID Act not to combat non-existent voter fraud, but to restrict voting rights of minorities, the poor, the elderly and students, anyone they deem to be a challenge to their supremacy.

Privatization – ALEC has drawn up bills to privatize Medicare, Social Security, public assistance programs, education, prisons and protective services for children, among others. Privatization benefits for-profit corporations, not the American people.

Immigration – restricting the path to citizenship, harsh border laws, discriminatory surveillance of immigrants.

Worker rights – taking away pension benefits, silencing workers, siding with corporations against injured workers, lowering wages, opposing increases in the minimum wage.

ALEC wrote the “Guidebook to Repeal Obamacare” and much more.

Voting Republican is a vote for ALEC and a vote against America.

Pamela Blevins



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