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Edney Has Integrity


October 25, 2018

Sam Edney, candidate for Legislative District 113, including our county, is a man Transylvania County needs in office. He cares deeply for the well-being of the people and the environment of these beautiful mountains. His understanding of this area and its needs grow from deep local roots. He is descended from the family for whom Edneyville in Henderson County is named, that of the pioneer circuit riding Methodist minister, the Rev. Samuel Edney, and his brother Asa.

Sam is a man of integrity, good judgment and obvious sincerity. He has a record of public service. For several years he served as a member of the Transylvania County School Board. He is presently vice president of the Board of SAFE, the agency that helps with the problem of family violence and abuse in Transylvania County. His education, work in industry and 30-year experience as a small business owner all took place in this region, giving this thoughtful and perceptive man a solid understanding of the strengths and the needs of our area.

His campaign focuses on five areas of concern: the economy, education, the environment, health care and ending gerrymandering. His positions on all five are clearly outlined at his web site ( He wants to bring businesses that pay a living wage, invest in public education, fight for health care for and protect our clean drinking water.

Sam Edney is a good man who can be very valuable as a state legislator if we have the good judgment to elect him.

Susanne Rolland



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