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You Can't Beat Education


October 25, 2018

My grandfather loved to prod me with the expression “you can’t beat education.” Now, when I hold my 4-month-old granddaughter and see her bright eyes and happy expression, I cannot help wondering who among past generations she might eventually come to resemble in appearance or accomplishments. We owe her more than simply hoping for the best.

America’s unique place in the world comes from exceptional innovations whose development and successful commercialization was been fueled by our ancestors’ support of public schools. Cell phones and personal computers follow earlier introductions of automobiles and airplanes, all of which sprang from the rather sudden and widespread 19th century establishment of publicly funded elementary and secondary education.

This American effort to educate previous generations paved the way for today’s students to fill the ranks of colleges and universities like Brevard and UNC. Recent cut backs in funding can be turned around if we elect a pro-education legislature to work with Gov. Roy Cooper to once again boost progress in public learning. We need to support our local school bonds and raise teacher pay while keeping low teacher-student ratios, as well as reinstate teacher aides who are able to assist with focused personal attention as needed.

Successful community and four-year colleges and universities sustain economic development, just as great kindergartens and public schools sustain great colleges and universities. The education of all of our children is absolutely essential for our communities to participate in harnessing the rapidly advancing technologies of the future.

Robert Pollock



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