Transylvania County Superior Court Term Ends - Brevard NC


October 29, 2018

Transylvania County Superior Court ended Friday with a bench trial for Princeton Thomas.

Thomas pleaded not guilty to one felony count of second-degree burglary, one felony count of larceny after breaking and entering, one felony count of conspiring to commit second-degree burglary and one felony count of cruelty to animals.

He was found not guilty of larceny after breaking and entering, but found guilty of the other three charges.

Judge Gregory Horne sentenced Thomas to 17 months in prison, but Thomas appealed, and the convictions will go to Appellate Court, and Thomas will remain on his initial bond until the charges go to the Appellate Court.

•John Perry Fisher pleaded guilty to one felony count of probation violation and received a 90-day sentence in prison.

•In a jury trial, Caryington Hunter pleaded not guilty but was found guilty of one felony count of attempted robbery with a firearm. He was sentenced to 19 months in prison.

•Lionel Renaldo Parks pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance inside jail premises.

He received an 11-month suspended sentence with 30 months of supervised probation.

•Charles Edward Humphries pleaded guilty to one felony count of possession of stolen goods, three misdemeanor counts of larceny and two felony counts of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle.

He received a suspended sentence of 10 months and 36 months of supervised probation.


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