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An Attack On Democracy


November 1, 2018

Pipe bombs addressed to prominent Democrats who have criticized Donald Trump publicly are a truly horrifying development. These are acts of terrorism, and they are clearly modeled on the vitriol and hatred coming from President Trump’s public provocations, in which he attacks his critics, immigrants and other minorities, and women. And he is blaming the free press for these pipe bombing attempts.

Just as George Wallace’s vicious race-baiting in the Civil Rights Era gave encouragement to those who killed civil rights workers, Trump’s vitriol has given permission not just to these pipe bombers, but he has unleashed a spate of hate-expressions across the country,

Trump is a deeply disturbed and irresponsible man, dangerous to every aspect of our democracy. He has attacked the checks and balances in our system of government, attacked our regulatory agencies and our health system, attacked our national parks, tried to weaken our educational system; and he refuses to even acknowledge the existence of global warming — the largest threat to our planet.

He is certainly not a conservative. He is a radical politician, intent on destroying the status quo in order to gain power.

Trump has found cover in and support from the national Republican Party. They are using his public image, his reality TV persona, to gain partisan advantage. A discouragingly large percentage of Republicans support Trump.

I hope that North Carolina voters, particularly non-aligned voters, will elect representatives, both to the Congress and to the state, who are responsible and centrist Democrats.

And I hope that North Carolinians will see through these deceptive and mean-spirited proposed amendments to our constitution and will reject them soundly.

Gus Napier

Cedar Mountain


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