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Henson's Answers Misleading


November 1, 2018

Cody Henson’s answer in the Voter Guide regarding Medicaid expansion in the state of North Carolina is in part misleading, untrue, and omits a lot of pertinent information. To quote Henson, “Medicaid expansion will cost North Carolina alone $72 billion. The federal government will only pay $30 billion for a few years. The majority of that cost will fall on our state’s taxpayers and will result in a massive tax increase for all our citizens.”

Not so: According to, the cost to North Carolina to expand Medicaid would be $210 million-$600 million dollars.

Five states, including North Carolina, stand to receive $227.5 billion dollars by 2022 if they expand Medicaid. The state does pay a small fraction, but it is not to exceed 10 percent of the cost of Medicaid expansion. When the cost reaches 10 percent, the 90 percent/10 percent, the government to state ratio is permanent.

Other considerations for expanding Medicaid are:

Right now North Carolina hospitals provide $1 billion in uncompensated care from the uninsured.

There would be 676,000 people additional people covered.

Right now there are 208,000 North Carolinians who have no access to health insurance without Medicaid expansion.

There will be $36.1 billion dollars the state is leaving on the table over the next 10 years by not expanding Medicaid.

From 2013-2022, $152 billion dollars in federal taxes will be collected and used to fund Medicaid expansion in other states.

Forty thousand additional jobs would be created.

North Carolina used to be the gem and a leader in the Southeast. Now North Carolina is periodically the laughing stock of late night comedy shows over some of its legislation.

We need to replace a representative who does not support Medicaid expansion, supported allowing 18-year-olds to carry guns and would go along with not using the term “rising sea levels” to appease the real state lobby because the term might impact coastal property sales.

It’s time to look to the future and bring back respect for North Carolina.

Barbara Wolfe



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