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Why Vote?


November 1, 2018

In politics, being deceived is no excuse.

The democracies that arose after the First and Second World War often collapsed when a single party seized power. No doubt the Russians who voted in 1990 didn’t think it would be the last free and fair election in their history.

Currently in the United States, one party holds every lever of power at the federal level: the White House, both houses of Congress, and also a majority of statehouses.

As a result of a tax cut that primarily benefits the wealthy, we now have a tremendous escalating deficit. This is coupled with stagnant wages and an income inequality greater than in any other developed democracy.

Near a tipping point, these extremes of income inequality and wealth are turning our democracy into an oligarchy, serving the rich, causing social, political and economic unrest, threatening fundamental political institutions.

The story of fascism in Europe has taught us that authoritarian and charismatic leaders who make unrealistic promises, present lies as oratory and fact, and generate fear and hate, can lead an unstable society astray.

Without checks and balances, the rule of law, our institutions and news media are being threatened as power and control continues to be consolidated.

Our greatest collective power rests in voting. In these turbulent times, we cannot afford to be bystanders.

Terry Brant



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