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USC Upstate Shoestring Players To Perform 'Fuddy Meers'


November 5, 2018

USC Upstate faculty member Lee Neibert will direct the university’s second production of the Shoestring Players’ season, “Fuddy Meers” by playwright David Lindsay-Abdaire. The show will run at 8 p.m., Nov. 8-10, and at 3 p.m. on Nov. 11 at the Humanities and Performing Arts Center Theatre. Tickets are available now.

Lindsay-Abdaire’s main character Claire has a rare form of psychogenic amnesia that erases her memory whenever she goes to sleep. This morning, like all mornings, she wakes up a blank slate. Her chipper husband, Richard, comes in with a cup of coffee, explains her condition, hands her a book filled with all sorts of essential information, and he disappears into the shower. Everything is as it seems until Zach, a limping, lisping, half-blind, half-deaf man in a ski mask, pops out from under her bed. He claims to be her brother and is there to rescue her and that Richard wants to kill her. The audience views the ensuing mayhem through the kaleidoscope of Claire’s world.

“As Claire, fights through her amnesia, the audience also puts the pieces of her puzzle together, discovering quirky and dangerous characters along the way,” said Neibert. “This is a thoroughly enjoyable and dark comedy meant for adults due to coarse language and violence.”

General Admission tickets are $8. Tickets for faculty, staff and students are $4. For reservations, contact the Humanities and Performing Arts Center Box Office at

For more information, contact Lee Neibert at or 503-5987.


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