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Please Stand With Me


November 5, 2018

When there is prejudice against people of color, I stand and raise my voice in opposition. When there is violence and hatred towards immigration into the USA, both legal and illegal, I stand and raise my voice in opposition. I stand in support of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and all other faiths. When there is rape, abuse, and other violence against women, I will oppose that. When there is discrimination against those among the LBGT, I stand to oppose that.

When those who are less well off face starvation and sickness, I stand to help when possible. When some of us lose everything due to illness, I stand up to support legislation for better healthcare. When our politicians voice hatred, ignorance, and fear to maintain power, I stand against them.

As I stand, others stand with me. We stand as our numbers grow beyond counting. We stand until there is no “other” to vilify. We stand until those who oppose us cannot be found. I will stand with my brothers and sisters as there is no one else. May we all live in the light of the All Mighty forever.

Richard C. Mayberry

Pisgah Forest


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